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Prompt Fuel Oil Delivery of Affordable Heating Oil

With the winter season fast approaching, stocking up on heating oil is a must. Mike's Oil Service Inc in Benton, Maine, is the company to call. With our convenient fuel oil delivery options and budget and pre-purchase plans, you're sure to keep warm all winter long.

Schedule a Delivery

Winter is coming, making heating oil a must. Instead of worrying about running out during the winter season, schedule convenient fuel oil deliveries with our company to keep a steady stock. In addition to heating oil, we also offer:
• K-1 Kerosene
• On- & off-Road Diesel
• LP Gas for RVs & Grills (Filling Only)
Mike's Oil Service
Available in Delivery Areas on a Weekly Basis
Pre-Purchasing & Budgeting Available Starting in July until the End of August
Contact us to maintain a constant stock of heating oil with our services.